Dynamic Mounting | WiFi Control For Motor Mounts

Dynamic Mounting, manufacturer, patent holder and creator of the Down and Out mounting category, has added WiFi (IP) connect-ability to their line of motorized mounts. Through IP the mount can be raised or lowered by all major Home Automation systems. For those without Home Automation, the mount can be controlled through any browser on the same WiFi network. In addition, the mount automatically detects temperature and if it rises above a set point the mount will automatically retract to its home position.

WiFi control means your computer, tablet, and phone can raise and lower your TV from the comfort of your couch. You no longer have to search for a remote to move the Dynamic Mount because chances are you are carrying around a phone on you at most times.

By being able to connect a Down and Out Mount to Home Automation, you can get the mount to do all kind of cool things (Do people still use cool?). Such as move the mount with voice control, lower the TV to the perfect height when the TV is turned on, raise it back up when done watching. We are excited to see what people come up with. Here is a list of some home automation systems the mount will work with.

  • Control4
  • Crestron
  • RTI
  • Savant
  • AMX
  • ELAN
  • Compass Control

Kurt Massey owner and inventor of the down and out mount says, “We’ve been selling our IR and RF controlled motorized versions for a couple of years with proven reliability. The addition of IP control adds tremendous value to our dealers installing home automation packages.” Massey continues, “IoT control over our mounts gives our dealers and their clients mounting options they could only dream about. Over the fireplace, in a credenza and even in a classroom setting, mounting a remotely controlled display out of the way is a game changer.”

IP motor mounts come in these versions.

  • The standard Down and Out Motor with 27” of Travel, rated for up to 125 lbs.
    • DM-DAS-IP, Manual Swivel with Automatic Centering
    • DM-DAF-IP, Fixed (No Swivel)
  • For More Travel we have the XT D&O Mounts with 34” of Travel, rated for up to 90 lbs.
    • DM-DASX-IP, Manual Swivel with Automatic Centering
    • DM-DAFX-IP, Fixed (No Swivel)
  • To Keep the TV closest to the wall we have the Recess versions.
    • DM-DASX-IP-RX, Extra Travel with 1.5” of off the wall thickness
    • DM-DAS-IP-RB, 1.4” of off the wall thickness
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