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wall mount your monitorLet’s be honest — space is at a premium these days, especially with many offices getting smaller in an effort to save on work space. A computer and monitor can take up a lot of space on a desk. This is especially true if you’re using a laptop, which needs some space to spread out, and connecting to a larger display while sitting at your desk.

Mounting your monitor to the wall can be an outstanding way to save space and keep your office looking neat and organized. Read some information about wall mounting a monitor to save office space, how to do it, and where to go for the best resources to get it done.

Wall Mounting a Monitor vs the Large Desk

At one point in time, the huge desk was a sign of success, a bragging point. We’re moving towards a more minimalist approach to business these days, and a large desk not only says “gratuitous,” it quite frankly makes your office look and feel a lot more cramped. You don’t need a huge desk if you engage in space-saving options like wall mounting a monitor.

Integrate Your Aesthetics

Install finished

Modern wall mounts can be done using arms that fold out and back, and even swivel in a variety of ways, allowing you to pull out your monitor when you need it, adjust it to exactly the angle that best suits your viewing needs, and then return it flat against the wall when it’s no longer needed. It’s a great way to have the screen in front of you when you

Mounting your monitor to the wall not only save space in an otherwise cluttered office, it can neatly integrate the installation into your overall aesthetics. This means that the monitor will look like a part of your overall design scheme rather than sticking out as a necessary but unfortunate add-on.

Fold-Out and Back

Many people think of wall mounts as a static install, requiring a certain viewing angle and eyeline to work properly. This doesn’t, however, have to be the case at all.

need it, and quickly and easily put it away when you’re done.

A Minimalist Footprint

In the end, the main reason to wall-mount your monitor is to create a minimalist footprint in your office space. No matter how small it is, mounting the screen to the wall makes the space look larger, saves space on your desk that can be used for other organizing, and just presents a neater, more modern and minimalist look.

If you’re looking for a number of outstanding options for wall mounting a monitor no matter what size your office or desk might be, we can help. We offer a broad range of options for flat-mounting, arm-mounting or any other kind of wall mounting you can imagine.

Take a look at why people choose our business for wall mounting, learn some more about our company, and get in touch with a Dynamic Mounting customer service technician for more information or to purchase your monitor wall mount today!

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