TV Mount that Lowers | Fireplace Mount | DM

The television is the pinnacle of your entertainment-viewing enjoyment. However, more often than not, the perfect place to mount your flat screen is already taken. Whether it is the fireplace, a window or that post-modern “art” piece your cousin gave you for Christmas last year, the Dynamic Mounting TV lowering mount is your solution to perfectly maneuver around any obstacle.

Dynamic Mounting builds all television mounts out of pure steel. The design is sleek and strong, able to support LCD and Plasma Flat Panel televisions up to 120 pounds. The mount extends 32 inches, more than 2 ½ feet, giving you full repositioning power over your living space. Poorly placed entertainment systems can cause strain on your neck and eyes. A TV mount that lowers transforms your viewing experience and meets you at your own level.

Owning a versatile television mount allows you to take full advantage of unused space. Take control of your entertainment area again and impress your neighbors and friends with a lowering mount. Dynamic Mounting specializes in state-of-the-art television wall mounting equipment. Reach new heights, or lower ones, with a multifaceted device that puts the experience back in your control.