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In the process of creating a great method for mounting TVs in a way that blends with interior design, we at Dynamic Mounting have also managed to create the best RV TV mount. The exact same considerations that make our mounts perfect for over-the-fireplace settings like saving space, having adjustable viewing angles and protecting your expensive equipment with sturdy mounting all come into play in an RV setting.

One of our customers named Robert was so happy with his purchase that he decided to share his positive experience with the world. Learn why Robert thinks that Dynamic Mounting’s Down and Out model is the best TV mount for RVs and why we wholeheartedly agree.

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Saves Space

When designing the Down and Out mount, we were mostly thinking of how homeowners could make better use out of their interior space. Countless people have gorgeous homes with stunning fireplaces that they wanted to remain the focal point of the room. Mounting the sleek technology of flat panel TVs over the mantle seemed like an aesthetic match made in heaven.

Except it wasn’t. As it turns out, mounting TVs up high is a killer on the neck, and it also is far from the optimal way to enjoy your shows, movies or video games. The Down and Out mount can deliver the great-looking aesthetics of an on-wall mount without these problems.

Moving this scenario into an RV, you can see how aesthetics quickly give way to sheer practicality. There is not much room to spare, even in the larger size RVs. Bringing a TV along as most people do means either having it inconveniently high or repeatedly stowing away the TV, as Robert did.

He “would place the 40-inch smart TV on the dash,” and “had to stow it on the bed every time we moved.” Naturally, Robert felt that it “was getting to be a real pain in the rear end.” Another problem was that it was “very easy to damage the screen while moving around.”

Robert needed a permanent solution that would keep his TV fixed in a convenient, visible location while saving as much space as possible. There really are no other alternatives, considering the limited volume of RV interiors and the lack of products that can transform from up high to perfectly viewable with a quick pull.

Safe and Secure

Another consideration unique to mounting TVs in RVs is that if you get an inadequate mount, you just may be out a $300–$2,000+ flatscreen TV. Saving money on a mounting bracket can often end up costing you more than you bargained for. Every jostle on the road is a chance that the TV could come crashing down or pulled out from its mounting.

Dynamic Mounting products are guaranteed to support TV weights up to 125 lbs, and they have excellent resistance to movement thanks to their sturdy construction. Since Robert’s particular project required him to mount the TV above the driving seat, he understandably says: “I want a well-engineered TV mount holding up that TV above my head,” going on to say, “I’m very satisfied with the quality & build. You just can’t skimp on certain items. You can’t engineer one of these mounts overnight. Lots of thought went into this mount.”

We are quite happy that we were able to satisfy Robert’s very specific needs and make a loyal customer in the process. As you can see, Dynamic Mounting products have a wide range of applications any time someone needs a convenient, sturdy solution to storing their TV.

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