Some Helpful Reviews from Our Customers | Dynamic Mounting

Some Helpful Reviews from our Customers: Here is a review from someone on July/15/2014 who bought 8 mounts, he mentions that the packaging could be robust. We took his advice and have beefed our packaging up, since we did that the shipping company has to work much harder to damage them.

“We just built a new home and had hired a Low Voltage Specialist to design our media system. They offered us wall mounts with a swivel & tilt, but they had nothing that would swivel, tilt and pull down. A Google search found us Dynamic Mounting and led me to speak with Kurt.
He was informative and helpful. I ordered 8 mounts from them. They arrive in about a week. The packaging could have been a bit more robust, as a few of the boxes were torn open and some hardware had fallen out (FYI:it was a Fed Ex Ground), but a quick call to Kurt, and he promptly sent us more than sufficient spares. None of the mounts were damaged or scratched. The tech from the media company helped me mount them. It’s definitely a two person job. Directions are clear. For one mount we had to purchase the extensions so we could mount securely on wall studs, but again, they were delivered promptly. The plastic shrouds that come with it we will not use. We are making some nice wood panels to cover the mounts. We have them mounted on 40, 50, 55, and 65 inch televisions. We love them. The media specialist was especially impressed. They had never seen anything like them. We also have our center speaker mounted below them with the mount option package. No problem. Hint- the tension spring is really strong, so even with a 65′ Samsung Ultra HDTV and rather heavy Paradigm center speaker, all you need do is adjust the tension spring a few turns at a time to get the TV to stay where you want. These mounts are phenomenal. Best thing I have ever seen for a TV mount. It gives you all the options: Stay put, tilt, swivel, or pull down ( with both tilt and swivel). I would highly recommend them, and Kurt is very customer oriented.”

Here is one from Dec/21/2015 who used it for over the window.

“I now can enjoy my fireplace as my TV is securely and amazingly attached to my new Dynamic TV Mount. I love the way it tucks away when it needs to be and how it comes out to meet the level of comfortableness. I would highly recommend this product to family and friends. Thank you!”

This one is from June/17/2014.

“Standing in the kitchen I pull it halfway down and rotate it far to the left. Sitting in the dining room, a little lower and a little less rotation. Sitting on the couch, all the way down and straight ahead. Love it so far.”

He is one for the Up and Over Swivel Mount from November/6/2015

“up and over swivel mount. spent a lot of time studying the drawings and the mount trying to figure which end is up.Finally got it installed under window.Just built a shelf on adjoining windowsill for cable box.Working on dressing the wires.Original concern that tv was too light no problem.48″ tv is 17 lbs. Will try to make a video.”

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