Six Questions Answered- What are the Benefits to Mounting Your TV?

So you got a flat screen, you may be wondering, “What are the benefits to mounting your TV to the wall, or above your fireplace?”

There are many benefits to mounting your TV to the wall, or above your fireplace.
Surprisingly, you may find a lot of debate on the matter circling the internet. Some people find the installation process too difficult or dangerous. With a little research and preparation, mounting your TV can be done safely, and with ease.

1. Are Flat Screens Supposed to be Mounted?

First of all, flat screen TVs are made to be mounted, which is the primary and most basic reason for mounting your TV. Mounting holes are designed in the back of Flat Screen TVs to mount to the wall, therefore giving you the most optimal viewing angles.

Dynamic Mounting’s TV mounts fit most standard Flat screen TVs; check your VESA Wall Pattern to ensure your TV is a good fit.

2. Is mounting your TV to the Wall Safer than having it on an entertainment center?

While some people may be concerned that mounting your TV on the wall is dangerous, that is simply not the case. Dynamic Mounting offers TV mounts that hold up to 125 lbs, and are UL Rated. Most newer TVs weigh in at around 40-60 lbs, leaving your TV more than secure with our mounts.

Placing your TV on an entertainment center, however, leaves the possibility of your TV falling over. Small children or pets in the home may run into your entertainment center, consequently making the possibility of a falling TV something in the forefront of your mind. Furthermore, children and pets may even get injured on the bulky furniture used to hold your TV up.

Dynamic Mounting offers many safety features on all of their mounts to ensure that your family remains safe.

3. How can Mounting your TV help you save space?

Using a television mount is not only efficient, but it saves you a ton of space. If you have a living room with a fireplace, setting up a separate entertainment area will consume a significant amount of floor space in the room. When considering couches, coffee tables, and walking space that is also necessary in the room, mounting your TV is the most logical solution.  Mounting your TV on your wall or over the fireplace clears up your floor space, and eliminates clutter in your living room.

five benefits to mounting your tv to the wall or above the fireplace

4. Will mounting your TV cause eye or neck strain?

Dynamic Mounting’s mounts are made with this utility in mind. Mounting over the fireplace may seem like a bad idea because it is an awkward viewing angle.  However, Dynamic Mounting offers mounts with up to 32” of vertical travel. Mounting your television with Dynamic Mounting helps your eyes and neck since you can pull your mount down, tilt, and swivel for the perfect viewing angle.

5. Will you be limited to a fixed viewing angle?

Dynamic Mounting offers full motion mounts. Not only is this beneficial for reducing eye and neck strain, but it also allows you to move the mount for different purposes.  While watching TV on a Saturday afternoon, the tilt and swivel feature can help eliminate glare. If you are cooking in the kitchen the TV can be swiveled to view while you are cooking!

6. How can mounting your TV give you a cleaner look?

Get a sleeker, cleaner look – Mounting your TV helps you hide ugly cable wires to create a clean look. When placing your TV on an entertainment center, you are often left with a jumbled mess of cords hanging down. Mounting your TV helps hide the wires and gives your TV a sleek, clean look.  Dynamic Mounting offers cable management on all of our mounts.

There are many benefits to mounting your TV as opposed to putting it on an entertainment center.  Can you think of anymore? Leave us a comment, or send us an email.

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