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Buying a new television is extremely exciting. With all the latest technology innovations, smart TVs are all the rage, letting you access content from different apps in addition to good old cable standbys.  Now it is time to decide where to put your new TV.  Below are five tips to help when shopping for a TV wall mount.

After you’ve decided on the right television, now it’s time to think about how you want to display it. You want to make sure it fits in the setup of your living room or bedroom while also being sure it’s at just the placement for an optimum viewing experience. A TV wall mount is the best option for displaying many televisions, and there are several varieties on the market. Here are some things to consider when buying a TV wall mount for your home.

Shopping for a TV Mount
Shopping for a TV Mount

1- TV Location

When shopping for a new TV wall mount, determine where in your home you’d like to place your TV. Take into consideration the factors in each room—sunlight, furniture, etc. For example, if you put your television opposite a west-facing window, you will likely experience glare when the sun goes down, which can be very annoying. It might be best to rearrange furniture in your home to make for a prime viewing experience. Once you’ve decided where you want your TV, you can measure that area to determine the best wall mount option.

2- Height and Placement

Before deciding on a TV wall mount, measure the area where you’ll be installing it. How high up do you want your television? Knowing the distance above the ground will help you in deciding which type of TV mount to buy.

3- Distance for Viewing

People have many differing opinions on what makes for an optimal TV viewing experience. Some say that sitting as close as possible to the television makes for the most immersive experience, though others have more sensitive eyes and prefer to be farther back. Television retailers and manufacturers generally suggest multiplying the digital width of the TV by 2.5 in order to find the best distance from seating.

4- Proper Tools

Before installing your mount, make sure you have selected the best one to hold the weight of your TV. TV wall mounts can be very simple to install, but safety is always most important, especially if you don’t have much experience with home improvement projects. And though televisions are much lighter now than they were in days past, they are still relatively heavy electronics that need proper equipment to hold them up. Make sure the mount you purchase is best suited for the specific measurements of your TV.

5- Double Check Measurements

Last but not least, double check! Before installing your TV and permanently affixing your mount to the wall, make sure you’ve got all the measurements correct so that you don’t wind up making a mistake that could ruin your wall for good.

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