Pull Down TV Mounts For The Classroom | Dynamic Mounting

Another Application for a Down and Out Mount that we never expected is with the Pull Down TV Mounts for the Classroom. Now that Flat Panel TVs are getting bigger and bigger, while the cost for those same TVs gets less and less. Schools are finding it more effective to use Flat Panel TVs instead of projectors or smart boards. TV’s have a much better picture and can easily be set up to work with the existing technology in the classroom, such as computers and tablets. Some models of TVs can also be turned into a touchscreens for an interactive experience with students.

Even though there are 4 walls in a classroom, only one of the walls is the focal point of the classroom, the one with all of the desks pointing at it. This makes the wall at the front of the classroom valuable space. That wall is usually covered in whiteboards. One of the disadvantages of a TV is that it can’t be rolled up out of the way like a projector screen. Which means the TV has to be mounted above the whiteboards, which is too high for comfortable viewing, or off to the side, which isn’t ideal.

The Down and Out line of Mounts solves this problem by allowing schools to mount the Flat Panel TV above the whiteboard right in the front of the room were it would be most effective. When you need the TV you can simply pull the TV down to a better viewing position. When finished, the TV is easy enough to lift back up to it’s top position. The pictures show a couple examples of the Down and Out Mounts being used in a classroom in California. The TVs in the pictures can be pulled down much farther then what is shown

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