Property Brothers are using our TV Mounts | Dynamic Mounting

We are happy to announce a new partnership between us and Property Brothers to use our TV mounts on some of their home remodels. I’m not going to lie, when Property Brothers first contacted us I had no idea who they were. A quick search showed me that the Property Brothers are the number one show on HGTV with more viewers then I can imagine. Plus when I told my friends and family about this opportunity most of them knew and watched the Property Brothers. Obviously I was all over this opportunity and sent them a mount for the chance to get some air time.

After they received the mount Property Brothers only had nice things to say. (When I say Property Brothers, I mean the people that work on the show, I have never conversed with an actual Property Brother). The Design Coordinator said “Your mounts have been a huge hit on the show, they’ve really circumvented a slew of issues with fireplaces and cabinetry.” They were such a huge hit that they wanted more mounts for 3 more episodes and are hoping to continue the partnership into the next season in New York.

So far one episode has aired on Canada’s W Network that utilized the Down and Out Swivel Mount. Apparently they air in Canada a couple of months before the air on HGTV. Unfortunately they didn’t show off the functionality of the mount in the episode. They only show a TV above the fireplace in the living room so you don’t even know that anything but a standard mount is holding the TV up.

Property brothers has a Pinterest board for the episode including the Down and Out Swivel Mount. It is the Thomas and Christine Pinterest Board. You can see the TV over the fireplace with the mount in the top position. That room is way to small for a TV that high. To prove to you I’m not just making this all up they pinned a picture of the TV and the Caption “Dynamic Mounting, TV Mount“. Hopefully with the next episode including our mounts they will highlight the functionality of the mount. I will keep the blog posted when I get more info.

UPDATE: It seems one of our mounts made the show, see this blog post for more info.

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