Property Brothers are using our TV Mounts Update | Dynamic Mounting

Property Brothers are using our TV Mounts Update : I wrote a blog last year talking about how we were excited to partner with Property Brothers to supply TV mounts for installs where the TV was too high for comfortable viewing, Property Brothers Are Using Our TV Mounts. We sent them about 10 mounts with the hope of at least one being demonstrated on the show so that more people can learn that a product like ours even exists. A family friend has informed us back in December 2015 that they saw Jonathon Demonstrate our mount by pulling it down so that a kid could play video games. Unfortunately I have no idea which episode this was because I don’t have cable and my friend couldn’t remember when it aired.

I’ve now had a couple of customers tell me they saw our mount in action because of the Property Brothers which we are really excited about. I just wish I knew what episode it was, if you happen to know the episode please Contact Us. It would be cool to see it on TV.

Property Brothers also posted some more pictures or our TV mount being used over fireplaces. On Julie and Adams Pinterest board the show the TV over the fireplace and they have a picture of their flat panel TV pulled down about 10 inches. I wish they had a picture of the TV pulled down all of the way to show off what the mount can really do. In that setup they are getting about 26 inches of downward travel.

The Property Brothers has a lot of pictures of TVs over the fireplace on there Pinterest page. Unfortunately they don’t have any other pictures with the mount in the down position, so you don’t get a good idea of everything our mounts can do. But we are really grateful that they did demonstrate the mount on their show.

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