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Up and Over Manual Mount

Price $765.00

We no longer manufacture or sell this product.


The only TV mount on the market that starts low and swings out and around objects above it. It is perfect in low cabinets, under windows, on half-walls, or any location that is too low for normal TV viewing.


For Technical Drawings, Installation, and more Information, see the Instructions.


  • 32″ of total vertical travel from bottom position to top (up) position.
  • 5.1″ to 6.1″ thick in bottom position, you can’t tell the difference from a standard mount.
  • Up to 7 degrees of adjustable tilt in the top (up) position.
  • Perfect for flat or curved TVs up to 120 lbs.
  • Optional swivel variant for even more adjustability. With vertical travel, tilt, and swivel, you have full control. Never deal with uncomfortable TV viewing angles again! (See below for swivel details, help choosing stud configuration, accessories info, and more).
  • Clears ledges, shelves, and other obstructions up to 16″ deep – perfect for mounting under ledges, in cupboards, or within indented wall boxes. Out of the way when you don’t need it, and the perfect height when you do.
  • Superior counterbalance design compensates perfectly for any TV weight up to 120 lbs! Set the counterbalance at the right position for your TV’s weight and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to lift even the heaviest of TVs.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • UL Certified
  • Auto-Lock Technology
  • Set-It and Forget-It Tilt
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy Install
  • Post TV Install Leveling




Step 1: Fixed vs. Swivel 
  • SWIVEL: choose if you want to be able to adjust the angle of the TV left and right when mounted. Perfect for big rooms, rooms with lots of different seating options, or for those with adjacent kitchens to view TV while cooking. Depending on your chosen pivot setting, swivel mount will swivel 70 degrees right (Right Swivel), 70 degrees left (Left Swivel), or 60 degrees in either direction (Center Swivel). Change pivot settings at any time, just by moving the bolt to another pivot hole!
  • FIXED: choose if you don’t expect to need to change the angle of your TV. Perfect for regular room sizes/setups, rooms with seating directly in front of and parallel to the TV, bedrooms, etc.
  • Outside of these differences, the Fixed and Swivel Mount are otherwise exactly the same (same vertical travel, adjustable tilt, weight limits, etc.)


Step 2: Mounting Option
  • We recommend figuring out what the Mount will attach to before ordering. Determine the layout of the studs inside of the wall where you will be mounting your Dynamic Mount. You will need a stud finder to detect your stud placement.
  • FRAME: For two studs up to 24″ apart, stone, or brick fireplaces. If unsure order the Frame because it covers Single Stud and most other situations. Frame mounts to wall first, then mount hooks onto frame. This is the most common option used and the easiest to install. Handles up to 120 lbs.
  • SINGLE STUD: For one stud, centered on the TV. If unsure, order the Frame mount because that can be used with a Single Stud also. The Single Stud mount generally has a reduced weight capacity of 70 pounds maximum, this is because a single 2×4 stud isn’t strong enough to hold more, the mount itself is plenty strong enough so if you are attaching to something stronger than a single stud, the mount can handle more weight up to 120 lbs.


Step 3: Accessories
  • FLUSH SOUNDBAR BRACKET: Have a soundbar or center channel speaker, and want to mount it to your Dynamic Mount? This is the accessory for you! Our special design lets you mount almost any speaker/soundbar on the market, with incredibly sturdy results and no sag. Works best over TV, For smaller TVs bracket may NOT work under the TV. It even features up to 2.5″ of depth adjustability so your speaker sits flush with the front of your TV!
  • HIDDEN HANDLE: Sturdy tube handle that attaches directly to your mount, giving you something to grab onto if you don’t want to grab your TV while pulling up or down. Height adjustable, so it will always sit hidden behind your TV, just above the bottom for easy access.
  • SPEAKER BRACKET AND HANDLE: To work together the Soundbar needs to be mounted opposite of the Handle, may NOT work with smaller TVs.


For Technical Drawings, Installation, and more Information, see the Instructions.

  • Fits most 40 inch and larger Flat and Curved TVs, up to 120 lbs, Check your television’s weight and mounting hole pattern to ensure this mount will work.
  • For smaller TVs, mount may be wider or taller than the television. If this is the case then the mount may be visible in the top position, see Figure below.
  • Paintable Covers come standard to help mount blend in.
  • Handles Flat Panel and Curved Televisions 20 to 120 lbs.
  • VESA compliant: 170 wide x 100 high to 688 wide x 566 high (mm).
  • Allowable Television mounting pattern: 6.7 (170mm) to 27.1 (688mm) inches wide, up to 19.8in (502mm) high, see figure below.
  • Product dimensions: 29.0 x 29.1 x 5.1-6.1 inches
  • Comes with all the hardware needed to attach to 2 wood studs

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