How TV Mounting Has Advanced | Dynamic Mounting

Like most modern technology, TV mounts have come a long way from their first inception. Over the years, TV mounts have gotten less clunky and more slim, owing mostly to the fact that our TVs have seen the same progression.

Now, some TV mount companies like Dynamic Mounting are trying to stretch the capabilities of what TV mounts are capable of. By adding versatility and a range of motion, flat panel TV mounts are becoming more useful in a wider range of situations, making TVs more useful by extension.

Let us explore this gradual evolution together to see where TV mounts started and just how far they have come.

Humble Beginnings: CRT TV Mounts

Before flat panel TVs were available to the consumer market, nearly everyone had a cathode ray tube television. CRT televisions are often just called “tube” TVs or “big” TVs these days to distinguish them from their slim descendants.

While these televisions certainly had their advantages, the unmissable disadvantages of their enormous size and ridiculously heavy weight made them cumbersome to transport and display. Now compound those qualities with a desire to mount the TV on the wall or ceiling, and you understand the heavy duty equipment needed for a CRT TV mount.

CRT TV mounts were often industrial-looking devices, with either a shelf or a large bracket arm to hold the TV in place. Size and weight limits often meant that TVs could not be too much over 24 inches, and even then the TV had to sit away from the wall to accommodate the depth of the picture tube housing. These devices also had to be sturdy because a 100+ pound tube TV falling on someone’s head may have meant they weren’t getting back up again.

Manufacturers played with designs that added strength, stability and versatility, but they always had to grapple with the challenge of CRT televisions’ unwieldy design.

From Grab Bags to Standardization: Flat Screen TV Mounts

As the first few plasma and LCD flatscreens hit the market, TV mount manufacturers breathed a collective sigh of relief. The early flat panel TV designs were quite expensive for consumers and often limited to under 30 inches, so most purchasers only needed flat panel TV mounts that could support a small sized and a lightweight TV.

In these early days, nearly every flat panel TV manufacturer had a different mounting design for their TVs, so even though many were designed to be wall-mounted few two brands were alike. TVs and mounts were often sold together, much like a vehicle with a special accessory package. This problem got worse as flat panel TV sizes expanded to 50 inches and larger.

Consumers and retailers decided they had enough, so the Video Electronics Standards Association, or VESA, developed a set of installation, fitment and general mounting standards to take the guesswork out of which product to buy and how to attach it to your TV and mounting surface.

The Next Stage in Flat Panel TV Mount Evolution: Dynamic Mounts

While standardized mounts added convenience for consumers, they still did not innately have all the capabilities needed for mounted flat panel TVs to look great and also be viewable. A number of homeowners were wanting to mount their televisions in areas like above the fireplace where the TV fit within their decor, but caused neck strain and limited viewing angles.

The Down and Out Mount from Dynamic Mounting was the ultimate solution. It lets flat screens stay in their storage position to look presentable most of the time, but they can extend, lower and swivel to achieve the perfect viewing angle. TV owners thus get the best of both worlds: a flat panel TV that looks great both when stored and when it needs to actually be watched. All Dynamic Mounting products also abide by the VESA mount standards.

Take a look at our swiveling flat panel TV mounts to learn more about how a Dynamic Mount can be the ultimate accessory for home entertainment and decor, and see just how far TV mounts have come.

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