How to Mount a TV

How to mount a TV: Choose Dynamic Mounting, we offer premier TV mounts that are truly one of a kind for perfect TV viewing experience.

how to mount a tvThere are few things more exciting than bringing home a brand new flat screen TV. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it’s still an amazing feeling to power up a freshly-mounted, perfectly-pixelated monitor. The only thing that could ruin this magical moment is gravity taking over and having your loose or improperly installed flat screen TV fall to the floor.

Avoid this mounting disaster and follow these simple steps from Dynamic Mounting

For this example we’ll use Dynamic Mounting’s easy-to-install Down and Out Swivel Mount. This mount is easily adjustable left to right, as well as up and down. The variations make this mount customizable for any viewing height or angle. Here are the manufacturer instructions for the Down and Out Swivel Mount . Otherwise, stay with us for a basic How-To that will help you plan a safe and secure mount for your flat-screen.

You will need a few basic tools before deciding where to mount your new flat screen. Pull out a tape measure, something to mark the wall with, and a stud finder. These items will help you map out the strongest spot in your room. TV’s above fireplaces are becoming more and more popular, but common mounts can cause neck and back strain if they are placed too high. Luckily, the Down and Out Swivel Mount adjusts to tilt down and left to right to accommodate with any home entertainment layout.

Use the stud finder to locate a sturdy support beam. From there, use your level to determine where you will drill and secure your mount. It’s very important not to drill into wall that doesn’t have ample support. Nobody wants to have a giant hole where their new flat screen should be.

Once you find a sturdy place to secure your television mount, you’ll need to decide whether you want to leave the wires and cables exposed. If you want to disguise them you can drill access holes into the wall or use the mantle to mask some of the tangles (zip ties are great for this too).

How to mount a TV : You should follow manufacturer instructions to properly install your specific television mount. If you’re choosing an adjustable mount like ones offered by Dynamic Mounting you should have no issue finding a location perfect for your viewing needs, no matter the setup.

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