Got a New TV for the Holidays? Give It the TV Mount That Makes It Better

‘Tis the season …for new electronics, that is! In the spirit of giving to others (or getting a nice gift from yourself), millions of living rooms across the country are likely to sport a new TV in the near future. These glowing entertainment boxes are yet another reason that your holiday can be “merry and bright.” Best of all, you can adjust the brightness level!

Holiday puns aside, chances are the rock-bottom sale prices on flat screen TVs has tempted your family into upgrading their TV hardware this season. If this is the case, then get the most out of your TV investment by outfitting it with the best TV mount on the market — the Down and Out Mount. Attaching your TV to the Down and Out Mount allows it to reside as high up as you want while still permitting comfortable viewing.

Have your TV in a prime spot on the wall or above the fireplace, even if it means being six feet up or more. When it comes time to watch it, the Down and Out Mount does what it name says, moving down and out towards the viewer. Get the best experience possible when you actually want to watch your TV, and keep it out of the way in a well-placed spot when you don’t. You get the best of both worlds!

Get More Out of Your Investment with the Best TV Mount

Ok, so a TV may not be an “investment” in the traditional sense, but they can represent a sizable chunk of your paycheck. Since you shelled out enough cash for the latest, greatest and best-looking flat screen TV you can afford, you will want to ensure that your money goes as far as possible. That priority means having the TV secure and protected. It also means being able to watch your TV comfortably without having to compromise your home décor.

The only TV mount product on the market that can satisfy both these needs is the Down and Out Mount. The hand-manufactured Down and Out Mount is a high-quality, Made in the U.S.A. product that will last for generations.

It securely fastens your flat screen to the wall with our sturdy anchor bolts. A separate brace attaches to the TV, ensuring a solid fit. With a properly-installed Down and Out Mount holding your TV, nothing short of a building collapse can pull it down. Even would-be thieves will have a tough time dismantling the hardware, protecting your investment in more ways than one.

Best of all, the same bracket that keeps your TV secure makes it better to watch. With 32 inches of vertical travel, the Down and Out Mount’s movable arm quickly and conveniently places the TV in optimum viewing position. No more neck cramps from craning your head just to watch a show. No more having the TV too far away to see clearly, either. The Down and Out Mount ensures that you can mount your TV practically anywhere you want and still have it perfectly viewable when needed.

The Down and Out Mount Is Not Just for the Living Room

The Down and Out Mount is great for mounting the TV above the fireplace, but it can be used for so much more than just living room viewing. Put it next to your kitchen cabinets so cooking does not mean missing the game. Install it in your RV to keep your TV safe during long drives.

We also have other products that add a wider range of uses. The Down and Out Swivel Mount can allow you to place your couch off-center or even to the side of the TV and still have it turn towards you. Our Up and Over mounts do the opposite of the Down and Out Mount, storing the TV low then pulling up higher and towards the viewer. You could even hide a TV in a cabinet to keep your media room tidy!

The possibilities are endless with Dynamic Mounting. Take a look at our full product range to learn why we make the best TV mount for your new holiday present.

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