Getting the Most of Your Up and Over Mount | Dynamic Mounting

No one likes to be hunched over or huddled together when watching a TV program, but often televisions have to be placed in odd spaces where they are too low to watch in a comfortable position. Try adding a roomful of friends and relatives, and you have a recipe for disaster. In a tradition almost as American as TV itself, game day parties and cookouts are a staple in most sports-loving families, but create the dilemma of a large group of people all gathered around one TV. Making sure your television can be seen from all angles by a big group of people is a challenge, but can be made easier with the right wall mount.

Dynamic Mounts offer Up and Over Mounts for flat panel TVs to make your big game day party a great success. Up and Over Mounts are used in spaces where TVs must be mounted lower than comfortable viewing allows. Whether a television needs to be hidden in a cabinet, hung under a lofted ceiling or stashed under a window, an Up and Over Mount is perfect for bringing the TV up to a better viewing angle. Because after all, the only huddling that needs to be going on at your party is the huddling on screen. Keep reading for tips on how to get the most out of your Up and Over Mount for the next Big Game.

Think Ahead

How you arrange your seating and adjust your TV can make or break your party. You want everyone to be comfortable and be able to see the TV from wherever they sit. This can take a lot of time, so starting early is key.  If you’ve already installed your Up and Over Mount, kudos- you’ve freed up valuable living space that is now going to be utilized.

Arrange Seating

Create your seating arrangement based on amount of people coming, as you may need to bring in extra stools, chairs and cushions to accommodate everyone. Then, think about how can you position the TV to best fit the arrangement. With an Up and Over Mount, you can adjust your TV to fit the arrangement of your furniture, instead of the other way around.

The best way to watch TV is at eye level, so sit down on various seats in your living room to make sure that the TV can be viewed comfortably from most angles. With a Up and Over Mount, it’s easy to adjust if something isn’t working.  The Up and Over Swivel Mount has a wide range of motion and can be turned left or right as needed.

Adjust for Lighting

Consider what kind of lighting situation you will have so that you can anticipate any problems. Will the game be in the afternoon, with a lot of sunlight streaming in through the windows, or will it be at night, when you will have to turn on lamps and overhead fixtures? Harsh glare can put a damper on any TV viewing experience, so check the angle of your TV with the appropriate lighting situation before people show up to avoid any unhappy sports fans. If the lighting changes mid-game, you can easily adjust the TV with little effort.

Take Your TV’s Size Into Account

It may seem like common sense, but the bigger or smaller your TV is, the more or less you may need to adjust the height. Larger TVs will take up more space on a wall and may need to be brought up only a few inches to get to the right height, whereas smaller TVs will need to be raised much higher for comfortable viewing. Though a TV is best viewed at eye level, the amount you raise a TV may vary from room to room depending on the TV size and location of your mount. Don’t over or under adjust based on what worked in a different room.


Your TV is positioned perfectly at last, thanks to your Up and Over Mount, and your guests are digging in to hotdogs and chips and dip. It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the game, knowing you made the right choice with Dynamic Mounting.

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