Fireplace TV Mounts

Down-and-Out-Mount1ul_mark_listing_squareDown and Out Mount
The Down and Out Mount allows users to move 20-125 lbs TVs down up to 32 inches. In the top position the tilt is adjustable from 7 degrees down to vertical, while in the out and bottom positions the tilt is vertical with +/-1 degree of adjustability. The mount can swing around shelves up to 16 inches.

$499 Select Options     $399 After “Advertising is Expensive” Rebate

Down-and-Out-Swivel-Mount1ul_mark_listing_squareDown and Out Swivel Mount
The Down and Out Swivel Mount does everything the Down and Out Mount can do, with the added feature that it can swivel to the left and right for even more flexibility. It has 4 different swivel settings that give you up to 59 degrees of swivel in one direction or a total of 54 degrees in both directions.

$569 Select Options     $469 After “Advertising is Expensive” Rebate

Right-Height-Bottom-480-x-480Right Height TV Mount
The Right Height TV Mount is a simpler version of our Down and Out Swivel Mount, the big difference is the Right Height TV Mount has a lower weight capacity of 15 to 70 lbs, does not have adjustable tilt, and does not have different swivel settings. We have a line by line comparison of the two mounts here.

$369 Select options     $269 After “Advertising is Expensive” Rebate