Fireplace TV Mount

The fireplace is considered by many to be the focal point of the living room. Mounting a TV above the fireplace is often considered a bad move because of the higher viewing angle. The view from the couch may cause a pain in your neck, especially if you happen to fall asleep. Grabbing your popcorn and watching your favorite scary movie just isn’t the same when the television causes more discomfort than the movie frights.

Fireplace TV Mount

Down and out mount used as a fireplace TV mount

As for the guys, how can you pay attention to the football game if the television is above chip and dip level? The height of a TV fireplace mount can complicate and distract from your viewing experience. Thankfully, Dynamic Mounting created the Down and Out Mount. This flat-panel television mount takes all the strain out of a higher TV placement.

The Down and Out Mount is an articulating TV mount that allows you to enjoy your favorite television moments. Not only does this adjustable mount move up and down for a better viewing angle, it also tilts seven degrees while in the up position. Some mounts are ugly and distract from the beauty of your fireplace, but not the Down and Out Mount. The brackets are hidden while in the up position and show a sleek look when pulled down.

Don’t believe us when we say you will love this product. See for yourself, and watch what our customers have to say in these tv mounting reviews.