Why Dynamic Mounting

Competitive Advantages

Dynamic Mounting is the orginal drop down and around Fireplace TV Mount (Our mounts have also been used for over whiteboards in classrooms, offices, factories and lots of other places we never even thought of), we even have the patents to prove it (Dynamic Mounting Patents).


5 Year Warranty

Our mounts have been working great since 2010, so offering a 5 year warranty isn’t a problem because we know it isn’t going to cost us anything. Our mounts are designed to last through the years (see UL certification. Superman Is called the “Man of Steel” and not “Generic Named Alloy” for a reason – strength.

This is the same reason why our mount is made entirely from steel manufactured right here in the USA. In fact, we are so confident in our mounts we back them with a lifetime warranty, something no other mount manufacturer can even think of offering with such amazing features.


UL Certification – Safe, Sturdy, Reliable

The Down and Out and Up and Over Manual mounts have been independently tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for safety and long life. The major tests that were performed include a load test to guarantee both TV and human safety as well as a life cycle test to ensure you’ll be enjoying your mount for many years. To demonstrate consistency in the manufacturing process, UL performs periodic sample tests to ensure the mounts we make today are of the same high quality as those built in the past.

With the UL load test, a weight of 4 times the rated mount load (500 lbs. for the Down and Out) was attached to ensure durability and safety. Our mount successfully held this weight, thus proving the strength of our production materials.

With the UL life cycle test, the mount was fitted with its maximum rated load and moved it through its range of motion (travel) 6000 times to simulate an up/down cycle of more than 16 years.

Tons of Up and Down Travel

When it comes to over fireplace TV mounts it is hard for others to compete.Our mounts have the ability to travel up and down up to 32 inches. We’ve researched our competition in the industry for a mount with greater travel and there are simply no products that can make that claim. This means that when our customers install our mount over a shelf, your TV will drop down the lowest possible bottom position (LPBP). This is one of our most popular features.

Unlike our competitors who are vague in discussing this specification, our installation manuals tell you exactly how much travel you will get from a specific mount and how to achieve the LPBP.


Adjustable counter balance for greater range of TV weights

The Adjustable counter balance system allows for a greater range of TV weights by leveraging 2 high quality gas springs that makes moving TVs from 20 to 125 lbs. up and down effortless.

Auto-Lock Technology 

Auto-lock Technology means our mounts automatically locks in the top position because of the linkage system to ensure the mount won’t move even if the kids are jumping around the room.

Because of this design our mounts bring the TV closest to the wall so you can’t tell the difference from a standard mount. It also allows the Top Tilt to be set independently of the Out/Bottom Tilt. 

Set-it and Forget-it Tilt

To help with straight-on viewing of your TV, the majority of our mounts feature adjustable tilt. This allows adjusting the tilt from the vertical UP position (parallel to the wall) to around 7 degrees down.

While in the bottom and OUT positions, the tilt can be adjusted vertically +/-1 degree to ensure the perfect view. Our patented set-and-forget design allows you to fix the tilt to a set position rather than re-adjusting every time you move the mount up and down.

Customers Love Us

At Dynamic Mounting we know that making the customer happy is the best way to success. It also has the benifit of making us feel good to help others. We try to be responsive to every question and make sure you have an experience with us and our product that is second to none. Please check out our customer reviews and see for yourselves. 

Made in the USA designation

Most components used in the construction of our mounts are sourced from other small businesses right here in the USA. The custom steel parts that account for the majority of the assembly are made by other small local businesses right in our backyard near Mooresville, North Carolina.

While parts that are made in America are costlier then less expensive Chinese equivalents, this decision helps create jobs in America and have better control of quality, something we are very proud of.

Lots of Different Options

You’ll see that we have a lot of different options so you can get exactly what you need for your setup and budget. No 2 setups, or customers, are the same which is why we have different mounting options, accessories, swivel options, motorized or manual. If you need help deciding which is best for your setup please Contact Us


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