Enhance TV viewing comfort with down and out mount | Dynamic Mounting

Ever arrived at the movie theater late and had to sit on the very front row? Then you know well the agony of having to sit with your neck craned back as you struggle to watch what is happening on-screen. This is also a common phenomenon in many homes, where televisions are often placed in areas that are aesthetically pleasing, but likely to cause back and neck injury to those who attempt to view it. But many people don’t know they have the power to change this, especially if they previously owned older models that seemed too large or heavy for a wall mount.

Enter Dynamic Mounting, a small family-owned business that specializes in creating Down and Out Mounts to be used with flat panel TVs that are, by necessity or interior design, placed too high for comfortable viewing. Down and Out Mounts, which can be easily attached and secured to nearly any surface in your home, are best used to enhance TV viewing comfort.

Down and Out Mounts are different from traditional mounts as they allow you to pull your TV- you guessed it- down and out to your desired place. The “out” function allows you to bypass any obstacles or mantelshelves under your TV, so that you can pull your TV to a height that suits your needs, and then push it back up until it is time to watch the TV again. The “down” function is ideal if you have a large TV that needs to be placed high on a wall or above a window that is too high for casual viewing- with the mount, the TV can easily be lowered to a comfortable position.

The Down and Out Mount can be lowered up to 32 inches- the most of any other similar mount on the market. The mount can also be lifted back easily into place, and the sleek design means no one even has to know it is there! Down and Out Mounts remove the need of larger, bulky mounts or entertainment sets that can take up too much space in a room and feel cluttered. Manufactured in the USA, Dynamic Mounts are made from top of the line materials and are sturdy enough to hold any television- up to 125 pounds!

Fireplaces are often the focal point of any living room, and naturally all furniture and decorations are placed in a room with that in mind. Most of the time, this means that the most obvious place to put a flat panel TV is above the fireplace or mantle. If your TV fits best in the space above your mantle, but isn’t quite at the right height, a down and out mount can easily fix the problem. The Down and Out Mount also clears most mantelshelves  like a breeze.

Another issue family rooms often come across is glare from sunlight or lamps. Down and Out Mounts tilt down up to a 7-degree angle in the top position, meaning you can position them in such a way that they catch little light and the image remains crystal clear. The tilt also allows for optimum viewing comfort, should your couch or chair be situated low to the ground. The mount allows you to swivel the TV from right to left as desired, so that the TV can be viewed from all points of the room.

Families with small children can find it hard to decide on a place to put their TV, as keeping a TV out of reach is an essential for safety, and accommodating shorter frames can be tricky. The Down and Out Mount solves both problems- the TV is up and out of reach of small children when in it’s regular top position, but parents can easily bring the TV down to an appropriate level for the entire family to enjoy. Elderly family members or people with limited mobility can also use the Down and Out Mount- its sleek steel design and steady spring make it extremely user friendly and easy to operate.

Any and all ages can operate a Down and Out Mount from Dynamic Mounting, and with proper installation, mounts can last for years. Contact Dynamic Mounting for your Down and Out Mount today, and say goodbye to your neck-craning, back-aching days.


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