Eliminating Neck Strain And Uncomfortable Viewing Angles

Mounting that big screen over the fireplace is no longer a trade-off between looks and functionality. Providing the optimal viewing angle for any new TV is often difficult, as the ideal physical location is sometimes the least practical.

While dealing with mounting limitations we often find ourselves rearranging our furniture just to accommodate that new flat or curved screen. Dynamic mounting helps in eliminating neck strain and uncomfortable viewing angles.

One of the most difficult mounting locations is over the fireplace. Think about it- you want that fireplace to be focal point of the room so you position the sofa, love seat and chairs so that everyone can enjoy the view. But what about the TV?

It usually gets mounted above the fireplace, well above our natural viewing angle (which by the way is straight on at eye height) resulting in neck strain which can lead to serious long- term issues over time. See what Health Status has to say about this – https://www.healthstatus.com/best-viewing-angle-for-large-flat-screen-televisions/

Dynamic Mounting recognized the need to overcome this challenge and developed the Down and Out Mount, which has become the best-selling vertically adjustable mount in the industry. By allowing vertical adjustment the TV can easily be adjusted to a more natural height, even when mounted above a fireplace.

Now this won’t help you out the next time you light that romantic fire, but at any other time it can be easily lowered to eye level either manually, or automatically through the new motorized model.

Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty, the Down and Out Mount will help you regain control over your living room furniture layout.

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