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Best TV Mount

As televisions grow in size while decreasing in profile and weight, it’s becoming ever more popular to mount them to a wall rather than place them on a stand. Wall-mounting your television can save tons of space and be an exceptionally safe way for your family to enjoy their home entertainment. There are many reasons to use a wall mount for your television, but whether it’s for child safety, a higher viewing profile, saving space or any other reason, you want a mount that is going to stand the test of time. Learn why our customers say that we have the best television mounts around, and how we can get your TV secure wherever you want it placed.

Television Wall Mounts

Mounting your TV to the wall requires a number of steps, the right knowledge and, of course, the right equipment. You need a wall mount that fits the size of your television, a good idea of where the best place is in your house to mount the TV, and of course, you need a mounting bracket that is second to none.

A poor wall mount bracket can fail to stabilize and secure your television, to a variety of problems. It can tilt forward, making it difficult to see. It can even, in the worst case scenario, fall off the wall, costing you potentially thousands in repairs and a new TV. That’s why you want the very best wall mounts possible.

Mount Features

Our mounts have a number of standard features that set them above and beyond your standard mounting kit. Each has an adjustable tilt, comes with a sturdy cover and is backed by a five-year warranty. We have some of the thinnest profile mounts on the market, making them ideal for tight spaces and a perfect fit. As a small, family business we take great pride in our products and are always willing to provide the very best customer service.

Best Television Mounts

Our customer reviews and testimonials say it all: we have the very best television mounts in the business. Amelie D. raves about the Dynamic Mounting Down and Out fireplace mount she purchased, raving about the viewing angle the mount as well as the security of installation even in a ceramic wall. Matt C. gave a five-star review of the same mount, giving high marks for how solid the mount was and the amount of weight it could hold.

Other customers have also praised how clear, complete and concise our instructions manuals are, turning an otherwise confusing process into a DIY breeze. Michael W. even installed a mount outdoors in a covered deck and gave top scores for quality.

These are just a few of the great reviews we’ve had regarding our fireplace, up-and-over and other mounting bracket installations. If you’re looking for the best television mount around, look no further than Dynamic Mounting. Give us a call for more information today!

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