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How High Should I Mount My Flat Screen?

More and more people are discovering the advantages of wall-mounting their television every day. Moving away from cumbersome TV stands allows you to save tons of room in your home, and creates a more unified and clean look to your home. There are several questions to ask before you mount your screen, however, not the […]

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Wall Mounting Your Monitor to Save Office Space

Let’s be honest — space is at a premium these days, especially with many offices getting smaller in an effort to save on work space. A computer and monitor can take up a lot of space on a desk. This is especially true if you’re using a laptop, which needs some space to spread out, […]

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Customers Say Our Mounts Are the Best

As televisions grow in size while decreasing in profile and weight, it’s becoming ever more popular to mount them to a wall rather than place them on a stand. Wall-mounting your television can save tons of space and be an exceptionally safe way for your family to enjoy their home entertainment. There are many reasons […]

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Pull Down TV Mounts

Gone are the days of poring over department store catalogs in search of that perfect item and then waiting for weeks to get that special order in the mail.  In today’s world of on- demand shopping and instant gratification, delivering a superior product with excellent customer service can be quite difficult.  Keeping up with all […]

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Property Brothers are using our TV Mounts Update

I wrote a blog last year talking about how we were excited to partner with Property Brothers to supply TV mounts for installs where the TV was too high for comfortable viewing, Property Brothers Are Using Our TV Mounts. We sent them about 10 mounts with the hope of at least one being demonstrated on […]

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Some Helpful Reviews from our Customers

Here is a review from someone on July/15/2014 who bought 8 mounts, he mentions that the packaging could be robust. We took his advice and have beefed our packaging up, since we did that the shipping company has to work much harder to damage them. “We just built a new home and had hired a […]

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How TV Mountings Have Advanced

Like most modern technology, TV mounts have come a long way from their first inception. Over the years, TV mounts have gotten less clunky and more slim, owing mostly to the fact that our TVs have seen the same progression. Now, some TV mount companies like Dynamic Mounting are trying to stretch the capabilities of […]

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Advantages of Shopping Online for the Right TV Mount

Buying a TV mount online can help you ensure that you get the right product you want at a lower price than typical retail and with a much more convenient buying experience. Most people likely already know the delight of online shopping, considering that 78 percent of Americans buy something online at least once every […]

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