Why We Are The Best Choice

No Other Mounts Come Close

Our Mounts do more then any other manual mount out there. It has the most vertical travel, thinnest profile, lots of swivel, adjustable tilt, and it handles the largest range of TV’s. It manages to do all of this while making customers happy and creating jobs in America (insert picture of bald eagle carrying the Stars and Stripes).

UL Rated for Safety and Long Life

Our mounts have been independently tested by Underwriters Laboratories for safety and long life. The two main tests that were run on this mount, was a load test and a life cycle test. UL also checks up on us to ensure we are making the mounts to the same quality as the ones that were tested.

• For the load test, UL hung 4 times the rated load on the mount (for the Down and Out line of mounts that was 500 lbs). The mount was able to hold the load without dropping it. So you know the rated load is no problem for the mount.

• For the life cycle test, UL put the max rated load on the mount and moved it through its extents of travel 6000 times without any issues and it could have done much more. This represents moving the mount up and down once a day for 16.4 years.

The following mounts have been UL certified.
Down and Out Mount
Down and Out Swivel Mount
Extra Wall Support
Up and Over Mount
Up and Over Swivel Mount

Most Up and Down Travel

Dynamic Mounting TV Mounts have the ability to travel up and down up to 32 inches (The Right Height does 29 inches). We’ve looked wide and far for something that can do more and have yet to find a mount that can compete. When mounting over a shelf, our mounts bring your TV down the farthest for the lowest possible bottom position. In our manual we tell you exactly how much travel you will get and how to achieve the lowest possible position. You’ll notice everyone else is vague on details about this, it’s because when you get into details, they can not compete.

Thinnest Profile

Because of our Autolock Technology, our mounts have the thinnest profile.

Down and Out Mount, 4.2″ Thick
Slim Down and Out Swivel Mount, 3.75″ to 4.75″ depending on swivel settings
Down and Out Swivel Mount, 4.4″ to 5.4″ depending on swivel settings

Set it and Forget it Tilt

To help you view the TV straight on, the tilt of our mounts is adjustable (The Right Height TV Mount is not adjustable). In the top position you can adjust the tilt from Vertical (parallel to the wall) to around 7 degrees down. While in the bottom and out positions the tilt can be fine tuned vertical +/-1 degree to ensure the perfect view. You don’t want to have to mess with the tilt everytime you move the mount up and down, which is why our patented design lets you set it and forget it.

Made in America

All the components in the mount are sourced from other small businesses within the USA. The custom steel parts, which are the bulk of the mount, are made by other small local businesses around Mooresville NC. See below to find out more about our suppliers. All of the finished parts come back to my shop where we assemble and ship out the mounts. I like getting my parts made in America for a few reasons. It is hard competing on pricing with the other guys who get their stuff made in China, but your support helps out a lot of Americans.

First, because they are local I have better control over the quality of the products.
Second, my money is supporting the people and businesses that I trust and enjoy working with.
Third, I’m helping the community I live in by creating jobs and opportunities locally.

To see exactly where our stuff comes from reference our Suppliers section.

Lots of Swivel

Our mounts offer lots of swivel and the most swivel options to make any location in your home a comfortable viewing location. See the Swivel Settings section for more details.

Designed to Last

Superman Is called the “Man of Steel” and not “generic named alloy” for a reason, which is the same reason why our mount is made entirely from steel. Our mounts are designed to last through the years, which we back up with a 5 year warranty. The design has been load tested to 500 lbs so we know it can safely handle TV’s up to 125 lbs.

5 Year Warranty

Our mounts have been working great now for at least 5 years, so we can easily offer a 5 year warranty because we know it isn’t going to cost us anything. Warranty Details

Small Family Business

We are a small family business in Mooresville NC and all we do is sell our specialized TV mounts. This means every sale is a small victory which keeps us going. See our About Us section for more information then you probably need about us.

Autolock Technology

Our Mounts automatically lock in the top position via the linkage system, to ensure the mount won’t come down if the kids are jumping around the room. Another advantage of the linkage system is that it allows the mount to have the lowest possible profile to give a nice clean look in the top position.

Handles TVs 20 to 125 lbs

The Adjustable Counterbalance system makes moving 20 to 125 lb TVs up and down easy. The counterbalance is powered by 2 high quality Suspa Gas Springs. The mount has worked with TVs from 40 to 85 inches, the only limit is weight. The design has been load tested to 500 lbs so we know it can safely handle 125 lbs. The Right Height TV Mount handles TVs 15 to 70 lbs.