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We have all had that experience where we feel pain in our neck and strain in our eyes after watching a TV that is too high up or in a weird position. We often know it is because of the horrible viewing angle but rarely do people do anything about it.

Apartment therapy experts suggest that homeowners should aim to place their TV at a 15 degree angle from the plane of their eyesight to reduce or eliminate that strain. The problem is that most people don’t keep their TVs at that low of a level in their home and not to mention the safety issue that can come from that if it is not secured. Most TV stands that are used to secure TVs are not that short or do not complement the room. Our suggestion for your TV is the Down and Out Mount.

Here are some details of how this mount can solve the issues above with our All Gain No Pain TV mounts.

  • Easily move television up and down 31.8 inches

  • Handles 40″ to 80″ Flat Panels, Only limit is weight

  • Adjustable Counterbalance Supports TVs from 25 to 120 lbs

  • Sturdy all Steel Design load tested to over 330 lbs

  • Swings around obstacles, such as Fireplace Mantels

  • Mount is hidden in up, low profile position

  • Down Position can be adjusted to where you want

  • Automatically locks in the up position

  • Unlocking is simple, just pull out on the bottom of the television

  • Tilts from vertical to 7 degrees in up position

  • Vertical in down positions

  • Integrated cable management keeps cables hidden

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