About Us

Dynamic Mounting is a small family-owned business dedicated to providing quality products to the customer, and let’s be honest, bringing in enough income so that I (Kurt Massey, Owner, Designer, Guy that answers emails) could quit my day job. I pride myself on the products because I created them and they are my babies, I have 3 real babies but my wife did most of the work on creating them (You can see my family and I in the video above). It makes me feel great that something I came up with is awesome enough for total strangers to pay for and enjoy. I have been selling the Down and Out TV Mount since August 2010. Dynamic Mounting is located in Mooresville, NC where the mounts get manufactured and assembled. For more information about where we get our parts from, see our Made in America section.

The Dynamic Mounting team currently consists of my mother who assembles the mounts; I couldn’t ask for a more competent and dedicated employee, I’m usually asking her to work less. My wife, who does quite a bit of assembly herself and various other tasks for the company all while watching the kids. I couldn’t ask for a better partner. Last but not least is myself (Kurt Massey), who designs the mounts, answers the emails, and all the various things that go with owning a small business.

How Dynamic Mounting Was Born

Our living room did not have a lot of options on where to mount the TV. The best place seemed to be over the fireplace because that was the focal point anyway. It looked good but the TV was too high to watch it comfortably. It was especially too high when I played video games. I used my experience to solve the problem by making the Down and Out Mount. The mount worked so well, and there were no solutions like it on the market, so I decided to sell it online myself. And with that Dynamic Mounting was born.

Our Experience

You might be wondering where I got the experience to design and manufacture a mount to move around your expensive TV. I graduated with honors from Michigan State University with my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in 2004. I was then hired by Electroimpact, a company that makes the tools and machines to assemble large airplane wings and other aircraft components. This is a great company where I designed a lot of different things, such as hydraulic/pneumatic clamps; lifting equipment that handled the top and bottom covers of large airplane wings; precision axes on large machines for drilling wings; and many other components. Here is a link to one of the machines I worked on.

Made in America

All the components in the mount are sourced from other small businesses within the USA. The custom steel parts, which are the bulk of the mount, are made by other small local businesses around Mooresville NC. See below to find out more about our suppliers. All of the finished parts come back to my shop where we assemble and ship out the mounts. I like getting my parts made in America for a few reasons.

First, because they are local I have better control over the quality of the products.
Second, my money is supporting the people and businesses that I trust and enjoy working with.
Third, I’m helping the community I live in by creating jobs and opportunities locally.

Made in America, and below I tell you exactly where. 

Laser Dynamics, located in Mooresville North Carolina. Laser Dynamics laser cuts and bends all of the custom sheet metal parts, which is the bulk of the mount. They also keep on hand some sour patch kids for when I drop by.


CRC Manufacturing, located in Mooresville North Carolina.

CRC Manufacturing welds all of the custom sheet metal parts that need to be welded. I hesitate to tell others about CRC because I don’t want them getting too busy for me to use.


Keco Coatings, located in Statesville, North Carolina.

Keco Coatings does a great job of powder-coating all of the custom steel parts in a very timely manner. They have saved me quite a few times when deadlines were approaching.


Century Fasteners, I use the one in Charlotte, North Carolina

Century Fasteners provides the fasteners to assemble the mounts.


Bec-Car Printing, located in Mooresville, North Carolina

Bec-Car prints the manuals that go with the product.


Suspa, located in Grand Rapids, MI

Suspa manufacturers the custom gas springs that allows the TV to be moved up and down easily.


Custom Corrugated Containers, located in Charlotte, North Carolina

Custom Corrugated is another small local business that supplies the boxes and packaging material for the mounts.


Custom Plastic Forming, located in Salisbury, NC

Custom Plastic Forming makes the plastic covers that help the mount blend in with the wall.


MetalNerd, located in Greensburg, PA

MetalNerd makes the little wrenches that come with the swivel mount