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Most people think that flat screen TVs, mounted on your wall, are for rich people. Put your TV mount above the fireplace, and your neighbors may even count you as part of the 1%. It may be funny, maybe even a little bit of a reach, but actually a TV mount saves you money.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking,

TV mounts are $#%@ expensive! How could they possibly save me money?!

I know of three ways, right off the bat: Protection, Medical, and Space. Follow me here, and I’ll explain.


Do you have children? Pets? That’s probably explanation enough, but let’s elaborate. A Dynamic TV Mount is designed to keep your TV up and flat to the wall when not in use. That means that your TV, when not being used, is typically at a safe distance from your lovable canine – who just so happens to adore her own reflection as seen on your delicate, and expensive, new flat screen. How about Junior? You know he’s always looking for a new canvas for his next crayon or sharpie masterpiece. While you may want to encourage his artistic nature, securing your TV outside the familial blast radius with our Down and Out Mount means less insurance claims, less repairs to damaged pixels, and ultimately less money out of your pocket to replace your damaged game-day hero.


Watching a movie with your neck crained, or even turned slightly to the side, is one of the easiest way to make your chiropractor rich. Topped only by spending an afternoon headbanging to Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, on repeat. Both activities and highly discouraged. Maybe you don’t have much space in your living room. Maybe you couldn’t fit your entertainment center anywhere else but that one corner; while your couch only fit against that one wall that doesn’t have a window. Maybe you wife’s feng shui is to blame. Whatever the reason, your neck deserves better. Use one of our mounts to place your TV and suddenly, proper spinal alignment is now a wonderfully comfortable possibility. Just think of all the money you’ll save on adjustments and prescription orthotics.


According to, the average price per square foot of floor area in a new single-family house (in 2010) was sold at a cost of $84.07. Thinking of all the space being taken by monstrous ‘entertainment centers’, hutches, and tv cabinets, you can start to see what I mean. All of your space is valuable, even the wall space.

Excess furniture and covered walls can make a room feel tight, or even claustrophobic.

Guess what? Now you’re thinking of an addition to your home?

Maybe even moving?

All because you just don’t have enough space, anymore. You need room to stretch out. You have too much furniture!

With a Dynamic Mounting TV Mount, you get to reclaim all that precious space; that room to stretch! Just another way a TV Mount saves you that eighty-something dollars per square foot. Either by preventing unnecessary contracting jobs, or in freeing up that space your family needs, there is certainly an undeniable value in buying an exceptionally versatile, quality and American-made mount for your TV.

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