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Our Mounts do more than any other manual mount out there. It has the most vertical travel, thinnest profile, lots of swivel, adjustable tilt, and it handles the largest range of TV’s. It manages to do all of this while making customers happy and creating jobs in America (insert picture of bald eagle carrying the Stars and Stripes).

Our Happy Customers

Great product

Great product. Thanks for the prompt delivery to make our deadline!

Martin E.

Finally able to watch TV

Finally able to watch TV comfortably without hurting our neck. Best Buy installed it and said it was the best mount they had ever installed.

Irene W

This is definitely a 5

This is definitely a 5 out of 5 product. The build quality is superb, the actuation of the motor is very smooth throughout the entire range of motion, and the added bonus is that the TV height is infinitely adjustable between the upper and lower positions.

Brian L.

Fantastic mount. Easy to move

Fantastic mount. Easy to move down or up and is much less strain on the neck to not be looking up all the time. Would recommend it to all who want a tv mounted above a fireplace.

Bruce T

Excellent product

Shipped FAST! The owner himself called me about a minor issue that I did not even notice. Mounting is super easy to use, so glad I got it that I am getting another one!

Tom J

Recessed mount TV looks great

Recessed mount TV looks great and I get a lot of complements. Emailed questions were promptly answered and delivered quickly as well. Overall an excellent experience.

Kyoung S

The unit worked as explained

The unit worked as explained and was really straightforward to install after some planning and layout. It is a great addition to our home.

Dan B

The bracket is very versatile

The bracket is very versatile but I realized it was to small. The staff was very helpful working with me to find a solution.

Alan B

Great product! Just what we

Great product! Just what we need over our fireplace and it was easy to install.

Joel F

I would highly recommend!

The TV cabinet above our fireplace is way too high for comfortable TV viewing. The Dynamic Down and Out Swivel Mount to the rescue! The mount arrived on time and in good condition. It is of high quality and easy to use. My family is thrilled with the results! I would highly recommend!

Essam A

Absolutely incredible product

Absolutely incredible product. The perfect solution ! Quality is second to none. The best option out there.

Keith F

This product is outstanding addition

This product is outstanding addition to our home and works great! Can be easily installed by following directions.

James C

About Us

Dynamic Mounting is located in Mooresville, NC and was founded in 2010 as a small family-owned business dedicated to providing quality products to the marketplace.

We sell our products both online to the consumer market as well as through resellers for the commercial industry. Products are proudly made in the USA and have been certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for safety and durability.

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Eliminating Neck Strain and Uncomfortable Viewing Angles in your Living Room

Mounting that big screen over the fireplace is no longer a trade-off between looks and functionality. Providing the optimal viewing angle for any new TV is often difficult, as the ideal physical location is sometimes the least practical.

While dealing with mounting limitations we often find ourselves rearranging our furniture just to accommodate that new flat or curved screen.

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Our Blog


Extra Travel (XT) Down and Out Mounts

The Extra Travel Down and Out Manual Mounts are the exact same mount as the standard D&O manual mount, except it has a 4″ longer swing arm. Which means it can do 8″ more of travel for a total of 40″, and handle 20″ shelves, nothing else comes close. The pictures...

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WiFi Control for Motor Mounts

Dynamic Mounting, manufacturer, patent holder and creator of the Down and Out mounting category, has added WiFi (IP) connect-ability to their line of motorized mounts. Through IP the mount can be raised or lowered by all major Home Automation systems. For those...

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We were part of the CES 2019 Prize Pack

Enter To Win The CES 2019 Prize Pack Giveaway Innovation & Tech Today is giving away an amazing prize package which includes a a Dynamic Mounting Motorized TV Mount! Click Here to enter. If You Found a Golden Ticket Hidden Within One of their Magazines (10 Total)...

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