At Dynamic Mounting we actively encourage our customers to post reviews and pictures/videos of their setups because we know our mounts are great, but hearing it from someone else is usually much more effective. We love seeing our customers setups so much that we rebate up to $100 for sharing their setup with our “Advertising is Expensive” Rebate Program.

We do NOT rebate for the reviews on our website or on Amazon.

Reviews on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to see how other people feel about their purchases. Below are links to the Amazon reviews for our products.

Down and Out Mount
Down and Out Swivel Mount
Center Speaker Bracket

Customer Setups on Facebook

Visit our Dynamic Mounting Facebook Page to see more feedback and setups from our customers.

Video Reviews

Below is a sample of video reviews our customers have sent us. Visit our Dynamic Mounting Youtube Page to see even more feedback and videos from our customers.

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Mail After Email Feedback

After we sell a product we ask our customers to give us feedback about our products and overall experience with us. That feedback is found below. We do NOT rebate for this feedback.